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Let’s be honest. Not everyone is meant for an endless scroll or a binge watch all day. The human mind always desires for different activities to feel vibrant and joyful. Do not worry, we will not ask you to play Dumb Charades and feel dumb end of the day. You still have the option to do something exciting, have a thriving social presence, have a good time, and not have any of those tearful yawns. The game of rummy helps you do all of that if you “play your cards right.” If you are new to the world of rummy, you may ask if online rummy is free and what all options do you have. Here we go.

 From Practice to Pro: What’s Your Rummy Personality

If you are floating on the “Rummy is Risk” boat, you have got nothing to worry about. It’s a game of skill and you can try different combinations to suit your interests and preferences before proceeding to advanced stages. Before you learn about the types of Rummy, you must take a pause to decide your Rummy personality –

  1. The Player Placebo: You have heard about the exciting world of rummy from a friend or relative and then, you are simply exploring. Right now, you have scrolled a hundred options and are still trying to understand the rules and rewards of the game. Still a long way to go!
  1. The Practice Perfectionist: Online rummy is not an alien term for you, but you are not a pro either. You are working hard to refine your rummy skills, build a genuine connection with fellow players, and have a good time. That’s it. You might have played 5 or 10 games so far, but you dream to ace the game.
  1. The Pro Maestro: You have been playing rummy for a while, quite versed with the rules of the game and your opponents are actually scared of you. The moment your name appears on the rummy scoreboard, the entire group is pushed to the backfoot. At this point, you are wondering if there’s a rummy league in the world; the trophy is yours!

The Play and Learn tribe: Practice Games

If you are a player placebo or the practice perfectionist, it’s time to embark into the world of rummy. You have to try your hands on different types of rummy, learn the tricks of the trade inside out and then, you can proceed to the next level. The best part, you have all the skills to gain and not even a penny to lose. It’s a win-win for you. Simply register on the Tap Rummy website or download the rummy game app for free. After you complete the sign-up, 10000 free rummy chips are credited to your account for you to try your hands out. As a rummy beginner, you have the option to pick from points, pools, and deals rummy.

You know the best part? You can continue to play rummy free until you are sure to outshine the players in the cash battleground. If you run out of coins, simply click the refill button on the dashboard and you are ready to roll again with more sessions of rummy. There’s nothing to lose, but

The Learn to Earn Tribe: Cash Games

After you sharpen your rummy skills and practically become a “rummy encyclopedia”, you can finally start taking your rummy skills seriously. A realization would hit you that all those hours you’ve spent mastering rummy skills have more to do than recreation and relaxation. Once you are confident with your skills, you can move on to cash games and participate in different rummy tournaments to win real cash. Also, you will get to display the rummy prowess you developed during the practice. Again a win-win, Right?

Now, you have more options to pick and you can play:

  • Points Rummy
  • 101 Pool Rummy
  • 201 Pool Rummy
  • Deals Rummy

The minimum amount of transaction is INR 25 and you can start real slow and move up the Rummy ladder gradually. You can opt for “low fee” tournaments and enjoy playing with different sets of players depending on available time or your game interests developed over time. The panel is completely yours!

Feels Good to be Challenged, Right?

All in all, rummy is free until the time you decide to step up and test your skills in real rummy tournaments. Even during the practice games, you are only learning and becoming an active part of an industry set to become worth 4500 Cr by 2020. Millennials and Gen-Z have the innate desire to feel challenged, try out new activities, and receive rewards and relaxation in return. Playing online rummy helps you with your pursuit of a new game, broadens your social circle, and offers a chance to win real cash rewards. And we are not even talking about the adrenaline rush you experience in rummy tournaments. That is a bonus. So, is the play on?

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