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As the celebrations come to an end in the evening, we are still reeling from the fun moments. The energy levels are dwindling even though the spirits are up, why not play an entertaining rummy game.

Come Holi and the entire country is enveloped in a cloud of enthusiasm. Gulal, thandai, and gujiyas are on everyone’s lips. People are cloaked with a blend of colours – red, green, blue, yellow and more. It is a sight to witness as friends and families come together to celebrate Holi.

Lately the celebrations have a modern touch without taking away from the tradition. Holi celebrations will include a DJ, creative invitations are sent out, or you have a dress code. If you are looking for ideas to shake things up this Holi, then we have some popping ideas. It will make this Holi Celebration a priceless experience that is stringed together with laughter, fun, and excitement.

Travel to Holi hotspots

If you want to truly experience the festival of colours, then pack your bags and head out to the Holi hotspots. Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana are the three epicentres that bring alive the Holi celebrations that is unheard off. These are places that is linked to Radha and Krishna’s birthplace and where they spent their childhood. In most states, the public holiday is allocated to one day, but in these places the celebrations span for glorious 40 days. The crux of the festivities narrows down to one week before Holi. That is when you want to visit these cities and enjoy the sights, sounds, and food. These cities are bursting with a riot of colours – men, women, and children are covered in the brightest colours from head to toe. In Vrindavan, the Holi celebrations take place in the temple premises. What is interesting is that the priests shower blessed holy water (coloured). So, get into the thick of things at these Holi hotspots.

Enjoy traditional folk theatre

Folk theatre used to be a major source of entertainment for several decades ago. Presently, the enthusiasm for it is renewed on these special occasions such as Holi. During a time when movies and TV shows are produced in bulk every month, we watch these forgettable shows and move on to the next. Folk theatre on the other hand is meticulous produced. It reveals tradition and stories in the most vibrant way possible. There is a lot one can take away from it that enriches lives. Folk theatre has a charm that takes you back to simpler times and paints a beautiful picture of the love story of Radha and Krishna. So, sign up for a classical or folk theatre. It is the perfect way for the family to bond and appreciate the art as well as relive an unforgettable love story.

Have a hatke celebration

We are blessed to enjoy Holi with our loved ones. How about sharing this joy and excitement with the less fortunate? In India, there are a number of homes for orphans, elderly, bedridden, and people with limitations. Tie up with an NGO to spread the riot of colours. Gather your friends and family and make your way to one of these places. Open your hearts as they open theirs and smear colours and share goodies with them. The happiness you bring to their lives will boost their happiness quotient. This could be one of the best Holi celebrations for them. After all, to truly enjoy this festival it should be commemorated as a group. So, bigger the group, bigger the festivities, and better the excitement.

Wind down with a traditional card game

As the celebrations come to an end in the evening, we are still reeling from the fun moments. The energy levels are dwindling even though the spirits are up, why not play an entertaining rummy game. Continue the festivities with a traditional card game. Instead of playing the old fashion way, play rummy on your phone. You feel like you are seated at the table even though it is a virtual game. This platform offers players some amazing tournaments but try the special Holi rummy tournament. It has one of the best real cash prizes that you can win at online rummy in the country. So, after the festivities come to an end and the colours linger on after a shower, turn to rummy and relax. It has been the game that is entrenched in our tradition that has entertained Indians for centuries. Hence, it is ideal to play rummy card game during one of the most traditional festivals.

With the onset of global trends, tradition is taking a back seat. These festivals are the perfect time to tap into our ethnic identity. Whether it is travelling to the heart of the celebrations or choosing a unique way to join in the festivity, it is all linked to honouring our tradition.

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